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Damn, I thought about doing the Sumo comment! Knee pads also are not that rare on the mat amongst the not so young knees.

However, this was an interesting comment,

p.s. If your wondering why these comments were not posted on the aikiweb, it's because we were denied access.

Knowing our host, this seems pretty unlikely to me, and, how hard would it be to register a second account?


People attacking his credentials: would you fight him in an even weight class if you had to? Would your respected sensei? Would you get destroyed? Is that reflective of something? Sometimes people can make their own credentials.

I can think of lots of people who could destroy me, on and off the mat, probably him included. It doesn't mean a damn thing as to whether or not they do aikido. Some of those people don't even do a martial art.

I would also like to see his "aikido" credentials. I'm not questioning his credentials as a fighter, nor the direction he's trying to take the art, which I'm inclined to think is positive. I'm simply curious who got him started down the aikido path? It's something I admit to having mixed feelings about. On the one hand, "the must train X years with a shihan" as the only way to learn aikido disgusts me as lunkheadedness. On the other hand, if you teach aikido, which for the most part still has it's lineage intact, then I don't think it's too much for someone to have spent a couple of years, at least, with a mainline Aikido instructor.
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