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Chris Birke
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I think I owe Jason a partial apology, as I got him involved in this without asking him.

I wanted his take on Aikido to be discussed (and it is) but I didn't want to put the man on the line.

When you are discussing an idea, it's a fallacy to attack the man. Even an idiot can say 1 + 1 is 2. Saying he's wrong because he's an idiot doesn't make sense. Ideas must be evaluated independently.

My feelings in a nutshell are that Aikido needs way more randori training. Learning against a resisting opponent is invaluable.

Jason is closer to this approach than many, and although his website is goofy (sorry Jason, your website needs some serious simplification) his martial arts are rock solidly grounded for discussion.

People attacking his credentials: would you fight him in an even weight class if you had to? Would your respected sensei? Would you get destroyed? Is that reflective of something? Sometimes people can make their own credentials.

I evaluate a martial artist by his skill, not his lineage.
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