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Chris Birke
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I'm going to post Jason's reply here, for people who haven't gone to his website to see it. It seems he indended to post it here origionally. (Jason, I doubt they're blocking you; I bet it's just some weird internet bug, keep trying.)


Jason DeLucia Reply to Aikiweb Forum "What The Hell"

With regard to the individual and his comments regarding Mr. Ueshiba wearing tights.

Maybe you didn't know that Mr. Ueshiba was undefeated in sumo until he had a match against Sokaku Takeda and lost. What do you think these men wore when they did sumo. It's easy to be flipant when you've never put any thing on the line especially your life and then to stand around being condecending to people who have paid the real price of serious injury, broken bones, broken liver, brain damage ect. First, if you were trying to look clever you reveal ignorance. If your trying to show intelligence it's stupid and if you want to use fighting words, you better fight. As someone who has lived, fought and trained in Japan for the better part of a decade, being critisized by you in this manner is laughable.

Mr. Ueshiba took challenge constantly, so I see no need for Aikidoka to shy away if they choose to compete. If anyone is being disrespectful toward the art or it's practitioners, it's people who hide behind the premise of nonviolence but use fighting words a true pacifist does not not use words to insight violence. You can see from your remarks about Mr. Ueshiba in tights until you know that Ueshiba did sumo in a loin cloth you felt you were pretty clever or funny, you tried to be a beacon for something you don't know much about and in the same breath tried to put yourself on the same level with words that can only be acsended to with actions. This is common among arm chair Martial Artists, opinionated egotists and cowards. You want to pretend to have an understanding as deep as Mr. Ueshiba's or at least lead people to believe that you're some learned creature who has a unique understanding and insight.

I say with authority that you mislead people when you try to use a platform like this and embody it's antithesis. If you would honestly like to discuss something about Aikido, make it about Aikido instead of standing around pointing to what you think is or is not Aikido and being effrontery in the process.

p.s. If your wondering why these comments were not posted on the aikiweb, it's because we were denied access.
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