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my apologies sirs, for indulging in being flippant.

apparently you're not parent to a little girl, so you wouldn't catch the reference to Mojo Jojo of Powerpuff girl fame (the literal english translation could be one of his rants)

I think the point of that particular discussion is related a bit to this topic.

Aikidog website is in a sense a transgression to Aikido traditions , aesthetics, it's "culture"... and yet, the "culture" and its traditions are questioned these days for being invented.

Take, the Masakatsu-Agatsu proverb. I learned (not sure how) the acception of overcoming oneself as the ultimate victory.

And yet, it appears that this is a product of our culture projecting our own beliefs onto the translation, if I am understading the discussion Prof Goldsbury offers in e-budo.

I shouldn't be surprised, given what I've been taught in Anthropology lessons, about what cultures are and how they come about.

I see mr. Delucia's presentation of Aikido as part of the change, the times that are affecting the "culture" of Aikido.

ah. my apologies again if my poor attempt at humor has offended you.

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