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one year per technique?

There are not many techniques in aikido. Ok, so you could argue there are an infinite number, or one, or whatever, but for us normal people there are probably about 15 or so, depending upon how you count them. Let's say, for the sake of this idea, that there are 10.

So, looking 10 years ahead, you have two choices. You could study all 10 techniques over the ten years, mixed up, which is pretty much what we all do, or you could dedicate the first year to technique number 1 only, eg ikkyo, second year on number 2 and so on. One technique per year. Dedicated, focused training on that one single technique, day in day out. Think of the level of insight on each technique you could achieve doing that.

So do you think you would be a more capable aikidoka at the end of year 10 if you trained that way?

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