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Have to jump back in an clear a couple of things up...

Like I put in my disclaimer on my first post, I was a little uncomfortable with responding to all this because I felt the tone of my post would come off rather strong...looks like maybe it did to some and not to others. Mostly I would like to respond to Mr.Organ's post. I won't speak for what others have posted but only for myself and the issues he addressed from my post.

Mr. Organ wrote:
From his student; we see he's an honest, respectful teacher; teaching traditional (I assume aikikai) aikido while practicing its use in MMA for his own expansion.
People have a problem with this?
I have absolutely no problem with this. As I stated in the last post, I don't know Mr. Dulucia, all I have to go by is what he posted on a website. My opinions were regarding the way Mr. Delucia is presenting Aikido on his looks like you also have an opinion on this too, as regards his use of the word "combat" and how it does not portray the spirit of Aikido, or could give the wrong idea or conotation. My opinion about the site extends further beyond just that word, to the portrayal of Aikido to the public, please re-read my post, as I don't want to re-write all of the reasons...I will address a few more things, however.

Please note I did write in the post:
If he wants to persue many martial arts and be a competitive winner in the ring, and use his Aikido practice to supplement this...more power to him, I hope he finds what he wants. But don't present this to the public as Aikido please.
I try not to write any opinion like this lightly and think it through before I do, so I meant it in all sincerity when I said I hope he finds what he is looking for...I've got no problem in the world with any other martial arts, or anybody mixing martial styles, cross training etc...but combining Karate, Tae Kwon Do, groudfighting, and Tai Chi, etc., then calling it Combat Tai Chi is no more correct than what Mr. Delucia has done with regard to Aikido on his site.

Also Mr. Organ wrote:
Another didn't like the chosen costume of briefs and kneepads - that's standard dress in the MMA ring.
I'm sure that was a reference to what I wrote, but it is taken a bit out of context. I did not say I didn't like the chosen "costume", in fact I didn't say anything about my like or dislike of it, this is what I wrote:
I've never seen O'Sensei nor an Aikido Shihan wondering around in bikini briefs with knee pads on, flexing their muscles.
I'll admit, the language comes off rather strong, and I should have phrased it better or added to it. I'll take the opportunity to now: In the ring of commercial fights, I can see the practicality of wearing briefs and kneepads (I won't say anything about flexing muscles) I don't have a like or dislike of it anymore than I have a like or dislike of the uniform of a boxer or any other is simply a tradition and/or practicality of the chosen activity. But again, let me beat my dead horse some more, it is not the appropriate portrayal of Aikido (again, I'm referencing my experiences with how Aikido is given to us by the Shihan and thus indirectly, O'Sensei).

Another quote from Mr. Organ
What he does in the MMA ring isn't true aikido? No, of course it isn't; so what?
There is the problem sir, he is portraying that it is Aikido on this website...that is what, IMO, needs to change.

Please understand, I am not trying to personally attack Mr. Delucia, I simply disagree with the commercialized blend of martial arts he is trying to pass off as Aikido on his web site, and the way in which it is done. I am also very skeptical of people with only 10 years experience in Aikido making statements to the effect they have unique and better views of what Aikido is and the ability to change it to something better or new.

I hope I made clear some of what I meant in my earlier post, and in the process haven't offended. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to read my opinions Mr. Organ, your post gave me the opportunity to solidify what I meant and hopefully gave others food for thought as you have for me.


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