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I've been debating whether or not to post on this thread; might as well wade in hip-deep.

Let's look at this:

Here's a guy who's been studying MA for - as he says - 25 years; primarily specializing in groundfighting. His venue of choice is the MMA arena - something in which while I'm not a fan; I'm certainly not against. It's just another venue.

During his travel through the MA world; he has turned to Aikido for a different skillset. He believes in aikido enough to devote a site - or part of a site - to it.

From his student; we see he's an honest, respectful teacher; teaching traditional (I assume aikikai) aikido while practicing its use in MMA for his own expansion.

People have a problem with this?

To put it bluntly; he does what turns his crank. No-one has the right to say he's right or wrong; any more than with anyone else's personal opinions, beliefs, practices, etc. Agree/disagree, debate, yes, but to state outright "This is garbage" is highly arrogant - hardly what aikido teaches, don't you think?

What he does in the MMA ring isn't true aikido? No, of course it isn't; so what? He's competing in a bloody hard field; no art in that field is 'true'. It's a blend of what the individual finds works best for him.

A couple people have stated they don't agree with - to quote one - "I tend to be put off by any multi-faceted "expert" that claims to be the new messiah of any art." Show me where on his site he claims that.

Another didn't like the chosen costume of briefs and kneepads - that's standard dress in the MMA ring. I don't particularly like it either; but if the rules say that's what one wears, then that's what one wears. (Besides, kneepads are just good sense in that venue.)

"Aikido is what it is for each person." That's been stated time and again by the best on this forum, and generally agreed to - until someone shows up and actually does change it to suit himself. Speaking for myself; I certainly wouldn't mind learning a bit from the Sensei in question; I'd learn a lot.

There is one thing about the site, and his technique, that I disagree with however; and Wendy; I'd be grateful if you'd pass this on to your teacher.

He's chosen to call his style 'Combat Aikido'. While it's a flashy name; I really don't like the word 'combat' being used so loosely - those of us who have seen real-life combat overseas find it somewhat offensive. Combat is about death, pain and fear. It's something no sane human wants to associate with; but go into anyway in the service of our country. No real objections here; just personal ones, but please tell him I said - with the greatest of respect and geniality - that if he knew the true, horrific nature of combat; he's be less inclined to use it as an advertising slogan.


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