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Starting a beginner's program

Hi all,

Due to some good suggestions on a recent thread I posted about starting a new dojo and getting people in the door, we have decided to start a "Beginner's 6 Week Introductory Program" to Aikido at our dojo. The classes for the program will meet once per week for one hour. We have some ideas of our own on what we want to include in the course. We would also like any suggestions or examples as to what to include, from those of you who have run such programs. I also would like to hear from those that have participated in one before, and what was good/bad about it. If you have never participated in a specific beginner's program before, but would like to put in suggestions that would be great too, but please indicate this. Keep in mind that I am not talking about ongoing beginner level classes, but a specific program of set length to give an overall introduction to Aikido in a group setting.


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