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Matt Banks
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Hello everyone. I just wrote a very long introduction, for this thread, discussing pros and cons of the subject I will explain in a minute. But suddenly we had a power cut and it was lost in cyber space. I cant be bothered to write it all out again, so heres the backbone of my question.

In the style I practice, for your shodan grading along with the grading syllabus, other jiuwaza, one must perform a live tanto jiuwaza.And for one's 3rd dan grading you do as of 2nd dan plus a jiuwaza but with a live katana (not full sharpness). This topic has been raised before, and weve heard already who does and does not agree with it. And ive already explained why I think its a good thing.
I just want to know if there is the same in any other style out there, or dojo etc etc. Ive already heard the views people have expressed, about safety etc etc. This is not what I want to go into, I just would like to know do you know of any other dojo;s out there that do this for the norm. Certainly I have seen many dojo' s in england and japan that do the same as we do. n.b. the last time I posted a thread like this one guy started making a joke post saying how for shodan they do 20 man tanto attacks for the norm, and nothing was gained.

sorry for making so many demands, I wish to gain info from this thread and not get in a ''abuse match''.

Matt Banks

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