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I've been following this thread and debating with myself about posting in it again, because I'm going to come accross as very opinionated, but here goes...

Masa's one of the complex principles of Aikido...does it apply here, and if so how?

I don't know this guy. I don't know about his skill level, personality, integrity, etc. All I do know is that he has posted a web site where the motivation is obviously self promotion...a site that, IMO, presents Aikido in a disrespectful light...and presents the wrong idea to the general public about what Aikido is. Yes, I know there is a lot of argument going on about what Aikido is and isn't...but I've never seen O'Sensei nor an Aikido Shihan wondering around in bikini briefs with knee pads on, flexing their muscles. Maybe I'm mistaken here (insert sarcastic tone), but from those Shihan and direct students of the founder is where Aikido is being handed down to us from...and maybe we ought to look to them a little more often for their guidance instead of making statements like "26 years experience in Martial Arts and over 50 professional fights " and "studying O-Sensei's techniques from his many videos and books" as justification for claiming some type of unique vision that gives one the ability to present Aikido differently than is traditionally done (don't want to split hairs on how Aikido is traditionally presented..suffice it to say that this website is WAY out of the norm, thus the reason we're discussing it).
I respect the fact that he's trying to breath new life into aikido with his hard earned fighting perspectives and personal interpretation of the art.
I wasn't aware Aikido needed "new life breathed into it", with the growth of so many dojos and students it seems to be breathing just fine to me. I submit that maybe looking harder at how to practice Aikido more sincerely in the form it is being taught now, instead of looking for some half-baked,ill-concieved way of making it "better", would be the path to follow.
I am interested in applications of Aikido philosophy to what may be new and more effective techniques. Delucia is trying to apply aikido technique to the MMA ring world. I'm quite interested to see if THAT works.
AGATSU- The defeat of one's ego...without concern with winning and losing, life/death...pick another definition or interpretation if you like, but how does that apply here? I have a hard time believing that stepping into a ring with the intentions of winning and/or defeat over another, or winning a title or trophy, is application of Aikido. It may be application of techniques as learned in a dojo somewhere, but it is definitely not application of Aikido principles...many techniques of Aikido derived from Daito Ryu Aiki Jyu-Jitsu and other MA's, this doesn't mean that by practicing and applying those techniques that one is practicing or applying Aikido. I might apply a nikkyo or irimi nage to someone, but without the correct spirit and intention behind them, I'm not doing Aikido. To "advertise" and present Aikido in this light is misleading and incorrect. What is going on here is sport, nothing less, nothing more...if you really want to test your technique, go down to the local bar and pick a fight...yeah, picking fights at your local bar is not Aikido, but then neither is stepping into a don't present it as such.

That's my main issue here...not that DeLucia wants to make money or promote himself. If he wants to persue many martial arts and be a competitive winner in the ring, and use his Aikido practice to supplement this...more power to him, I hope he finds what he wants. But don't present this to the public as Aikido please.

I hate coming accross as hardline here...I believe Aikido encompasses many things and that anyone should practice who wants to...but if you want to present yourself as an instructor, there is a certain level of integrity and respect for the art that should be maintained.

Just my 2 cents

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