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I wouldn't. I am sure we would go for a beer and laugh it out.

What I am genuinely surprised about is the inability of some people discuss ideas rather than personalities. Mr. Furuya wanted to get a soapdbox in a public forum, I offered a contrary opinion (perhaps in a bit forceful manner, I admit), he started throwing fits and complain about being unappreciated. Well, too bad. One day he has to realise that discussions on a public forum are not entirely about him. If he feels the need to preach to willing audience, I am sure he can do it on his private site. If he chose to come to a public forum and offer an opinion there, he has to be ready for the opinion to be disected, argued about, and hotly debated. This is how the real knowledge, unlike storytelling, gets tested and evaluated.

In 12 years of physics research I participated and witnessed debates compared to which this little row ( by both scale and importance) seem like a hurricane in a tea cup. I suggest the we all take a deep breath and get back to debating/discussions/good-spirited headbutting. I miss Bartman !
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