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Ron Tisdale
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I'm kind of at a loss for this whole thing. On the one hand, I like Furuya Sensei's posts in voices of experience, and I hope he keeps posting. On the other hand, I see the points some posters (Don Modesto, Fred Little) have made.

I disagree with Pasha's characterization of Furuya Sensei's post in the thread in question...but I like to read Pasha's posts, so I wouldn't want him to quit posting either. And even if I didn't agree with him, I wouldn't pick a fight with him cause he'd beat me up Maybe we all need slightly thicker skins (me too).

I'd hate to see anyone leave because of the topics being discussed, or to have the topics thought of as 'taboo'. And I don't think anyone was trolling. This forum has actually been enjoyable compared to some others of late. I didn't even notice the fuss until some of the ancillary threads got opened.


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