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once upon a time people thought rude behaviour on the net could be controlled by consensus, (we'll not allow the TROLLS to control our destiny!) .. you know what happened? Spam.. oh what happened to netiquette..

reading these forums has provided me with hours of entertainment, and sometimes interesting information, insights. Sometimes the disturbing discussions that go on have forced me to face uncomfortable areas of my beliefs, and have precipitated change, growth even.

I think I'll still keep on reading the different fora, and hope to find some where discussion by people I'm interested in listening to post.. and hope to find some where beginners are welcome to do so as well.

I don't troll discussion groups, but it's a personal decision of mine.

Look, I don't know , but I read the thread in question and I think the underlying issue is a valid one to raise; I don't think trolling had anything to do with this, and strong language is not trolling at all.

Alfonso Adriasola
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