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Bill Ross (Williamross77) wrote:
here here!

in aikdo dojo if someone is brash and rude they are expelled wothout hesitation, why not here?
I've always personally found that strange, the expelling of people that is...

Aikido is about learning harmony right? then why only accept people into the dojo who already understand harmony? why 'preach to the converted'.

These people who are expelled will not learn about aikido or harmony by being expelled.

its just the same in a forum like this... if we just discuss harmony with the harmonious then everything feels light and fluffy.

If we discuss harmony with the un-harmonious (its a word, I'm sure!) then we can both gain from it.

Ourselves by learning to blend in a hostile environment instead of the nice and cosy atmosphere and maybe the other can learn as well. although that part is not up to us, it is there own choice. but at least we provide the opportunity for that choice.

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