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Nick wrote:
I believe that if you want to see your name "up in lights", Aikido is not the place to do it...
It's worked for Steven Seagal. Hey, his new movie is coming out in March and it's got Tom Arnold in it so there's hope.

much more would have been learned and better discussions would have been had if he had simply posted the quotes and asked our opinions and comments of them, and this whole "controversy" would not have started, but rather a thoughtful and intelligent discussion about some interesting topics.
Nick, you definitely take yourself way too seriously. Sometimes you just say "who gives a f***" and get a little crazy. Aikidoists as a group seem to get so wrapped up in being perfect little PC critters that we don't say what we feel but what we think we are supposed to say. The world won't tilt on it's axis because we burned up a few k of hard drive space.
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