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frank says

"aside from a few sociopathic tragedies, nobody is in physical danger."

is there ever such an event? i'm curious.. really

anyway, what i'm talking about isn't physical danger, more in the realm of the mind. i.e: People who spend much of their time with secular meditating and focusing on learning self-cultivation is ill-equipped to the barbed and extremely frank comments on the net. Not to mention the psychos.

This sounds like coddling the weak, but in real life I would never have managed to listen to someone in Furuya sensei's caliber speak so much for free. Much less converse. So I would really prefer to help create a forum where great minds can speak without reins, allowing us beginners to learn.

furuya sensei probably isn't a battle-hardened internet veteran. But does that mean aikiweb is only for the tough? Did anyone wan't to be confined to posting in one thread? No matter how green?

I managed several forum as the moderator and we rarely ban people even though the subscribers are mostly childrens and teenagers. If kids can use their manners exquisitely, why can't people who practice aikido?

tim's suggestion for changes in aikiweb's introduction is very good, with some minor changes. People should be aware of such things.

Tim, there's NEVER any danger of the 12 year olds leaving. Kids nowadays are made of tougher net material.

I know.

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