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Chris Birke
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I've known about him for quite some time, he has written on this forum before with regard to MMA, actually.

Delucia definately has done a lot of martial arts. He does a lot of traditional Kung Fu and Daito Ryu, and is one of the few practicitioners of these arts still brave enough to enter a ring. (Kung Fu seems to be effectivly destroyed if grappling is allowed)

He hasnt't made himself a champion, or figured out something that works better than ground and pound, but he's trying.

I've heard second hand stories of his integrity, but they were mostly regarding Delucia's fights with Royce (both official and non). Never met him myself, so it'd be silly to judge.

I am interested in applications of Aikido philosophy to what may be new and more effective techniques. Delucia is trying to apply aikido technique to the MMA ring world. I'm quite interested to see if THAT works.

Otherwise, his website is silly. He needs a publicity manager. I'd noticed some people on this forum from his dojo, and that's why I figure'd I'd mention it and stir things up a bit.
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