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His fight record is 34-20-1, so he's won lots more than he's lost.

I don't know much about MMA fighting so I can't say much about his technique in matches. But what I've seen includes aikido techniques and submissions but also stuff nothing like what we do in class (kicks, punches).

When Sensei teaches our aikido class, he teaches traditional aikido. Kuzushi is very important. He doesn't muscle his way through techniques and doesn't let us; when he sees us using brute force instead of kuzushi, he works with us until we get it. We use atemi, but it's a diversionary flick in some techniques, we don't go around punching people.

He also teaches a pancrase hybrid jujitsu class, and he's taught some MMA fighters, and he talks with interested students about effective "real world" fighting -- but his aikido class is pure aikido.

I'll be glad to answer other questions from you all, either here or you can PM me. Thanks to all of you for not flaming at me, I was worried when I first replied on this thread.
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