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the internet is an amazing place

If you met someone for real, you will probably use your manners to impress him/her. But here on the internet you can chose to forgo that and speak anything you want, however you want, regardless of who is on the receiving end of your words.

People with little or insufficient internet experience will be appalled on reading several angry words, in contrast to a hacker's zen-like calmness when finding his e-mail overflowing with thousands of flames, bombs etcetera.

I joined this forum, expecting to meet and learn philosophy and experience from aikidokas around the world because you CAN'T learn techniques online. Therefore I'm confused at people who came on this forum to attack other people's philosophy. What are they after here? Fun? Redemption? Damnation? Are they even learning aikido?

Basically, when a person started to attack another's opinion with the full intent to win. Or to hurt. He has failed in learning aikido. They are better off learning a more adrenaline-pumping martial art, instead of this sappy aikido which prohibits them from unleashing their more 'human' qualities.

If they persist to study aikido techniques, then maybe they should find some other name for their newly created style. Minus the 'ai'

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