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For someone with a multiple dan rank in a martial art, Mr. Furuya seems all too fragile and an easily upset human being, and apparently, judging by his parting words, not without a certain penchant for drama.

I, for one, don't particularly miss a thread, which stayed on the front page for ages, which was filled with 300 of his posts along the lines of:

Flowers bloom, and sword cuts enemy,
Wisdom of ages, will O Sensei bring,
Look at the beautiful clouds,
In harmony they move,
Just as people should.
Aiki !

Make no mistake, despite an eerie similarity to creations sprung forth from his poetic genius, the one above was made up by me.

When someone comes to a martial art site for information, one can only hope they don't get scared off by a thread filled with hundreds of posts of such poetic prowess.

Oh, and

Bill Ross (Williamross77) wrote:
here here!

in aikdo dojo if someone is brash and rude they are expelled wothout hesitation, why not here?
Because Internet differs from real life in more ways than one.
70% of all interpersonal communication is non-verbal.

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