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Kelly Allen wrote:
These techniques you describe are used by Darren Brown a supposed mind controller. This is his web site. An interesting read.

I have read other articals related to verbal self defence that refer to predetors leading there victims minds using these techniques.

Not long ago I recieved some instruction on NLP, (visusal, Auditory, Kinesthetic)& Transactional Analysis(which deals with ego states). Some great concepts that I would call "non physical Aikido", it's very similar and has helped me alot in my occupation, without getting physical, but that won't last forever!

Regarding Derren Brown, he's pretty impressive and can read people extremely well.

I think Aikido does help us to communicate better emotionally with others, perhaps that is an offshoot of being so close in contact on the mat, although I suspect allot of martial arts have that 'emotional' effect.

re: emotional ukemi....

I've "blended" with people I didn't get along with, and "taken emotional ukemi", that is, I admitted I was wrong, and the other person was correct, then I apologised profusly, even though I (and many others) thought the opposite. But, strangely enough, we get on a hell'uva lot better, even though I'm still "blending", though not as much. I think it's opened me up more, taking ukemi on and off the mat.



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