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Damion Lost (Ghost Fox) wrote:
I don't know if this is the same thing as "emotional ukemi", but a teacher of mines gave a couple of lectures about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and I saw a lot of correlations to Aikido. Basically NLP is the study of how people think, experience and interact with the world. What I found the most useful, with regards to Aikido, was how NLP explain relationship, communication and interaction with other people. I now pretty much use the presuppositions and terminolgy of NLP when explaining Aikido to beginners, and how Aikido can be used in a non-combative aspect.

The basic for creating a relationship of trust and responsiveness, in NLP terms, is called building "Rapport". One can create Rapport by first "Calibrating" oneself to the situation by recognizing the non-verbal signals given off by a person. One then begins to "Match" a persons unconscious mannerisms and belief in order to begin to enhance the Rapport. After one has "Paced" the person for a while you can begin to "Lead" the person by slowly changing the Matched patterns.

I feel my Aikido works a lot better now that I see my partner, be it uke and nage, as someone whom I trying to build a Rapport with, and his posture, movements and attacks are ways of communication.

These techniques you describe are used by Darren Brown a supposed mind controller. This is his web site. An interesting read.

I have read other articals related to verbal self defence that refer to predetors leading there victims minds using these techniques.

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