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Maresa Sumardi (indomaresa) wrote:
Akiyama-san, If banning is necessary please do something now.

Some people have already verbally attacked Furuya Sensei, causing him to quit from aikiweb entirely. And they are attacking the person, not the opinion.

This is horrible, his writings are one of the reason I'm into aikiweb now.
For a while I stopped visiting AikiWeb because ... until one day I ventured into the "Voices Of Experience" forum and read Furuya Sensei's experiences. Like Sumardi-san, I visit Aikiweb often now to check on what Furuya Sensei has posted.

Furuya Sensei contribution on the thread "Bowing to the Kamiza" and the significance of clapping was quite informative. It wasn't a challenge to anyone beliefs, yet a few received that way.

I wish Furuya Sensei will continue to contribute in the "Voices Of Experience" forum and not worry about venturing out of that "dojo." I also wish that more of the "Voices Of Experience" members would bequeath their experiences and wisdom to us young'uns.
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