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wildaikido wrote:
Okay before anyone says anything about my spelling (which can be pretty bad) the title is spelt correct. What I want to discuss is foot techniques in Aikido (Ashi Waza). In the style I practice (Yoseikan) there are a number of foot or leg techniques. However in no Aikido book or other school I have been to has there been any mention of ashi waza. All I have found is a very odd article on aiki faq ( which has an explanation why there are no ashi waza in Aikido but I would like to know more, and what all the different styles of Aikido have to say about ashi waza.
I also do Yoseikan Aikido. I too noticed that aikido in general doesn't have foot sweeps, reaps etc. I know that Mochizuki got these techniques from karate, judo and jujitsu.

I can't speak for other schools but I have seen some ashi tori in most aikido schools I have been to, usually defences against kicks.

Yoseikan randori is more rough than traditional aikido. We are allowed to wrestle, resist, punch and kick. Sometimes its hard to use hand techniques so sweeps are more practical.

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