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Kensho Furuya
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Yann Golanski emailed me this wonderful story:

A man and his son go to the market to sell a donkey.

They pass some travelers who laught at them. "How stupid, they are both walking and have a donkey! Why don't they ride it?" Ashamed, the son asks his father to ride the donkey.

They pass another group of travelers who get angry at them. "Look at this cruel father! He sits his arse on the ase and makes his son walk. How cruel!". Ashamed, the father and son swap places.

They pass yet another group of travelers who get even more angry at them. "What an ugratefull son! He sits on his donkey whereas his old father walks in the dirt! Such disrespect!". Ashamed once more, father and son decide to ride togather.

They pass a last group of travelers who get angry as well. "Look at this poor donkey forced to carry those two fit people on his back. What a way to treat an animal!". Ashamed, the father and son do not kow what to do... How can they please everyone?

I certainly always enjoy your stories, explanations and posts. Keep posting sensei.

Domo agigato gozamaishita.
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