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Tony Peters
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Talking BuJin bags

I got chime in for BuJin's weapons bags...I have two, one a standard weapons bags A with a polar fleece insert that I use to keep my weapons from banging around. the other bag is a one of there kendo shinai bags that I have started to modify for carrying my iaito, yes I know that I could have bought there katana bags but I fly with my weapons in PVC tubes so that kind of protection isn't necessary. I only need the bag for riding my motorcycle to class. You won't go wrong with a Bujin Bag, I have given some though to Chucks comment about a custom made bag for all of the SMR weapons however I didn't see that he mentions the Kusarigama, that would make just about any weapons bag difficult to design much less make. Well the bags I presently own serve me just fine right now

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