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I previously studied Karate (4 years), Judo (1 year), and JKD (informally). All of them helped my Aikido progress more quickly. I didn't need to learn how to attack (I got that from the hard styles), and Judo's ukemi and kuzushi lessons worked in just fine. I found that the vertical punch in JKD works best for atemi to the face (90% of the atemi I do), but maybe that's just me. Even the concept behind the one-inch-punch helps in Aikido atemi, in that many times you need to atemi from any position.

In fact, just the other day one of the sensei mentioned that I had actually picked up a bad habit from so much time in Aikido (8 years since I have formally studied Karate now). My ma-ai was way too close.

He gave me a light little kick to the belly to remind me and I was back on track, but now I am aware of the natural tendency to get closer and closer when practicing Aikido. I believe it is because of the lack of a committed attack for the most part. From what I have observed, all of the people that come from a hard-style background seem to give more committed, more real attacks that force you to remember the ‘martial' side (IMO).

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