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Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
You never turn your back to an opponent...

Years ago in the incident with Count Dante, a judo guy got killed because he did a shoulder throw in a fight.
Also recall that when Ueshiba was challenged by a Judo guy he just struck the hip which the Judo bloke thrust out towards him in an atempt to do a hip throw (which unfortunately resulted in permanent damage).

I think when we start doing techniques they are unnatural because we are learning them in a formalised way. Aikido seems to be one of those things that is a complete whole, and therefore to penetrate it we must do little bits, but these aren't really aikido.

e.g. koshi nage is a useful technique, but you can only do it in the correct situation (i.e. strong attack where you are in close and they are already committed).

I think there is a boundary between learning techniques, and then discovering how the techniques fit the attack appropriately (and competition could prevent this happening because force would be used as a subsitute for skill).

Yes - aikido is natural, but only when your mind is open and the techniques are internalised!

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