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My many years of judo training helped me a lot when I first started aikido. I didn't need to learn ukemi, eventhough I had to adapt mine gradually to aikido's softer version. I was and probably still am the only one in class who has no fear of high breakfalls, and who has absolutely no issues with koshi nage. On the other hand, I was a little apprehensive in the beginning of why should I take ukemi for someone who is nunable to take my balance and I resisted a lot, which didn't help me create friends. Also, I had, and probably still do to a certain extent, a lot of koshi in my nage techniques such as irimi nage and kokyu nage, which is not very esthetic but quite efficient. However, I believe I almost got over it now, judging by the fewer remarks I am getting from the instructors, or maybe they just gave up on me
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