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Has Past training helped or hindered?

When I first started training in aikido I distinctly remember saying to myself (almost like a mantra, "forget what you know, forget what you know."
I tried to put my past training in a jar and forget about it thinking that would clear the way for me to learn aikido. Well that screwed me up literally for years. It wasn't until I embraced my past that I was able to progress. I found that the arts I studied previously had much value. There are many common threads and it also helps me to approach practice from a different perspective. Although my initial instincts are still very much "attack" as opposed to blend, the more I practice the more my combined skills begin to synthesize.

Does anyone else have a similar or different experience? How did you deal with it? For 2 years I was really screwed up! I still am but that's a different story:-)
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