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Although I generally train with atemis, I do think it can actually stop the flow of movement and also open yourself up for a counter attack. I think it depends on how much you have sussed out your opponent - people who are flailing madly at you with the sole intent of bursting your kidneys generally don't need any distractions, they have pretty low zanshin to start with.


P.S. I would also agree that some people do feel defensive about aikido being ineffective. Ineffectiveness has worried me from time to time, so what I've done is try to think why this is so; chat to people and make sure that my aikido is not ineffective (and I'm not talking about just making it stronger/harder, probably more the opposite) as well as seeing what other martial arts can and can't do. Its good we can have these forums to criticise techniques etc. Most criticism just improves me, rather than making me feel like it belittles my ego and my impression of myself as this superb martial artist. - so keep those criticisms coming (but more specifics would be better)!

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