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Thanks for the replies (but I want more discussion please). I wasn't actually thinking of kicks, but a kick can be a good atemi it may be something uke doesn't expect. What I was referring to where 'judo techniques' like Osotogari, Diashi Harai and others. A technique like Osotogari is quick and almost effortless and if you have more than one uke foot techniques are good at getting ukes to the ground fast.
The article that I mentioned seems very strange to me suggesting that its primitive to use ones feet, its like western boxing not using feet because English gentlemen thought if was dirty and the French did it (please note I am English). Why would you limit your possibilities?

PS. if you don't know ashi waza see below it shows some simple drawings of some judo throws some are ashi waza (if nage is using his foot/leg than it is probably ashi waza).

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Graham Wild
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