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I agree perfectly with your Yokomen concept Nick.

As far as I understand there were many Yudansha at that dojo I visited, who switched roles as Instructor on different days. This particular guy focussed and talked a lot about ki extension and mind body coordination moreso than actual application per se. Not to say that these things are not important.

Had a funny incident with him actually, he wanted to see our (Shodokan) version of Aigamae Katate Dori Ikkyo and I started to show him. Because of the paipsy attack he gave I decided to show the mere form without any real extension/kuzushi behind it (maybe a mistake on my part). He then proceeded to resist the technique and tell me that it was not effective. I was like - Yeah because you haven't attacked me, I was merely showing you how it looked, not actually applying it.

This was a good wake up call for me though, after that I started applying all my techs to go to completion regardless to who the person was or what they wanted to see. I merely adjust the degree of control depending on their level/ukemi skill - but in the end the mat was where they end up.

Says a lot again for keeping it real on both sides of the coin.


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