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Disgust Missing Links!

Where are the 3 missing leaks in the Aikido dojo's of today? That's Honest Attacks, Atemi, and Response. 1st of all, I'm tired of seeing such sorry attacks. They never start with the proper intention, don't reach the target, and then deflate once the attack is thwarted. When I attack the nage, especially one of high rank, I go in with full force, a good kia, and bent on hitting him. Of course I would never actually hit someone, but you get the idea. I also see that the same people who give poor attacks, usually have poor, if any response to atemi or anything else that would solicit a proper response. On the other side of that, I often see aikidoka either not giving atemi, or just throwing their hand up in the general direction of the person in such a manner that a response is not necessary nor is it commanded. This is a sad state of affairs, as I see people become complacent, and when forced to deal with more realistic attacks, are dumbfounded and startled. How did all this come about. It was said that O'Sensei would get very angry if the uke did not give a good strong attack with a resounding kia! What happend over the years? Or is this just something that goes on here in America? Do you think that these 3 missing links will ever find their way back to aikido?

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