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ups caps on?

any way, it is not about any spirituality, it is about aiki.

all aikido i have ever come in contact with focused on MOVING FORWARD, meditation is also an integral part (i cant spell) of aikido. i did not say GOD DID it, but you do reap what you sow, as far as community action is concerned,,, well before stould an empty building, at night kids would congrgate to do drugs, even in the nice area it is in, now at night we constantly see people of an ulterior nature comming up and seeing this group and turning around and leaving. all nice like, just by BEING we are a positive influence.

as far as advertising, i target te free stuff, like a web page, free that i created for all martial arts styles in the area to use, and of course i include our school in the mix, those who want us will seek us out.

i may have sounded sureal, but that is the way it happened, i still only have an operating budget of around 2500$ a year and only lost 300$ this year, not bad if you ask me for what i got out of it. it is a phlisophical maxim in aikido to blend with your environment and i see now that i does work. aikido is more that a set of martial techniques, yeah i wont get rich but i am having the time of my life.

to see go to

we are the

Golden light aikido center

in Aiki
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