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Inquery for Houston Dojo's.

To our friends in Houston,

As you may know, Yoshinkan Aikido's highest ranking instructor in the US lives in Houston, however does not have a dojo of his own. Parker Sensei spends a lot of time traveling around N.A. visiting and training at several schools.

We would like to bring all his students/instructors together under one roof and would like to come to Houston to do so. My inquery is whether any of the schools in and/or around the Houston area would be willing, in the spirit of Aiki, to allow us to use/borrow/rent/beg to use your dojo for a weekend.

This of course is a feeler to see if this would be a possible alternative to renting a hall and such. If anyone thinks they could accommodate this, please drop me a private note at

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

Steven Miranda
Aikido Seikeikan
Sacramento, CA
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