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aikido & yoga sutra

Enjoying many recent threads on AikiWeb about flash, ki, diet, do/michi and Zen, I have come back again to the Yoga Sutra, written somewhere between 200 BC and 200 AD.

Please excuse the Sanskrit in what follows; it is hard to translate, of course. The eight limbs of yoga in the sutra are: (1) yama, social behavior, including ahimsa, nonviolence, and satya, truth; (2) niyama, inner discipline and responsibility; (3) asana, the physical postures of yoga practice; (4) pranayama, breath exercises; (5) pratyahara, withdrawl from sensory distracions; (6) dharana, focusing the mind on one point; (7) dhyana, non-dualistic meditation or Zen; (8) samadhi, englightenment?

Has anyone commented on this sutra from the perspective of their aikido practice, or looked at their aikido practice from the perspectiv of this sutra?

A very nice site for the sutra is

Thank you!
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