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anyway IMO, any art you are cross train with make sure that it doesn't contradict very much
Asim Hanif (AsimHanif) wrote:
Reza K - I recently had a discussion with someone who noted that all karate kata begin (inherently) defensive. I personally couldn't think of a kata (Washin-ryu & Goju ryu)to contradict that statement. But I wouldn't say that the goal of karate is to protect the attacker.
Asim, here's some addition that i quote from

(no offense intended to all karateka)

Aikido is more merciful in that an opponent can be neutralized without permanently maiming him. However, Shotokan is optimized to deliver damage effectively and quickly such that multiple opponents can be disabled in a comparatively short time. Victims of Shotokan blows are not expected to be able to stand back up after being struck.
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