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well forgive me if some one has suggested this already,

i skipped down when read your post iin the since of urgency.

our school found its'self on the brink of distruction, when the space on loan to us was revoked due to a marriage dispute.

in a truely aiki fashion, two days before i commented to a local city official that a certain public buiding was un used and asked what it would take to facilitated my aikido program there. three weeks later i had a key and still only pay 20% of what due i recieve.

the place needed work but it was in a park across from my home, thus COMMUNITY ACTION+AIKI +PERSERVERANCE= new dojo w/ little cost and never advertizing.

try meditation as an advert,

it worked for me.

we maintained and are groing from 3 to ten only by doing aikido, not by doing business.

i feel that ueshiba helped by way of the ALMIGHTY but i refrain in fear of upsetting any zealous atheist or such.

sometimes simple faith a perservireance (spelled wrong) can be the aiki you need.

try your municipal recreation program first!

best of aiki!

in Aiki
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