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Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
PS I personally never liked beginners courses - hate them now. I'ld much rather balance the needs of beginners and advanced in one class.
I agree. In fact one of the things that I've always liked about aikido is that we don't seperate the beginners from the advanced students in general practice, like say Karate sometimes does.

My point though, is that alot of people get nervous about showing up as a newbie at a dojo. They'll feel out of place, don't know how to act, what's expected of them etc. By simply advertising a regular class as a beginners class (without really changing the material, and certainly not discouraging regular students from attending - quite the opposite in fact) people are more likely to front up. Because they thing they won't be the only newbies there (particularly if you market it as a course - say six weeks).

And that's all it is, a tool to make people more comfortable about coming through the door, maybe coupled with an introductory price.

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