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One of the most often discussed topics in the Zen study group for beginning Zen students was "meditation." Actually, we do not like to refer to it as "meditation," because this word is too tainted carrying with it much too much baggage. Now, we just say, "sitting." Actually, it is simply to sit in the posture of the Buddha in meditation, but this word carries much more because it goes to the essence of the meaning of practice.

We are obliged to explain that sitting has no purpose or meaning and there is no result. You cannot achieve enlightenment through meditation nor is meditation a miraculous drug to cure your ails or a helping hand from heaven to save you.

"If there is no meaning to meditation, then why do we do it? It must have a purpose!" is the usual inquiry from students.

"No," we say, "there is nothing. . . . not even the thought of meditation!"

It is so confusing for many because "logically," we do something to achieve a purpose or goal. This is what we call our "calculating mind." the mind which figures our profit and loss, why and why not.

One Zen master said, "The only way to do Zen is to simply like doing zazen." If you do it for a purpose or goal, you will most likely be discouraged or quit."

I suppose it is like my friend of the other day who "fell in love." I don't know why because it doesn't seem like a match at all but he is in love and that is all there is to it!"

In Aikido, I find that those who come in with very specific goals usually get discouraged quickly and those who practice Aikido just for the love of the art, continue on and on. In addition, those who do not make high expectation of themselves but want to go at their own pace in their own time, seem to last the longest too. I think it is here where we can find the secret to our Aikido practice, just simply practice because we love to practice and that is all. . . . ..
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