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Jesse Lee
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I used to train in Tae Kwon Do and then in Tung Su Do, then left those and found may way to Aikido. For several years now I have cross-trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, mainly b/c (1) ju jitsu / judo is one of aikido's founding pillars, and (2) I believe that if you are concerned with street-effective self defense, you need to have a clue about grappling, period and end of story.

I like that BJJ and aikido both support the noble ideal of controling aggression while inflicting no lasting physical harm.

I think it helps my aikido in that techniques flow really nicely from aikido into BJJ. I am not too good at flowing them the other direction, but maybe that will come later :-D

If I had time to cross-train more, I would probably take up kendo, as another window into the roots of aikido.

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