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I started a dojo just over a year ago. The thread that Bronson noted was my query as how to get it off the ground. When I started, there was no one but me, and then my husband volunteered to be my guinea pig (he had never done aikido). Now we have 10 students total training. Only three students have joined and left, and all for rather legitimate reasons. Think I've been extremely lucky!

Almost all of my students have come in through the web page (via different search engines, including this terrific one) or through the phone book. I've tried demos, free classes, advertising in the newspaper, fliers, etc., and have had a minimum amount of sucess with this. My first real student (not hubby) came through an ad I tried in an alternative newspaper; he's still practicing almost a year later. One came in through a flyer, the others have been phone book or website.

Something that has worked really well in getting the word out about the dojo was installing an "information" box on the outside of the dojo. I put the dojo brochure in there for folks to take.

Read through the thread that Bronson noted, because the folks on this site gave me tremendous help and ideas!!

Good luck. You are a big leap ahead of me starting up a club with so much talent already. Try doing it without anyone; that was fun!
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