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for me sir, I train in Aikido to enhance my other martial arts studies and vice versa. How does it help? for me sir, body contact. most of the time when we train in Aikido it is always with somebody we can apply the techniques with (the uke). Kodokan Judo I think is very helpful also. my sensei would sometimes counter my kokyu nage with a one arm shoulder throw if there are lapses in my technique. try practicing randori with the uke attacking you with a shinai or bokken (thats Kendo). try doing it no control. (is this advisable sir Akiy?) Zhing-I's smashing fist (vertical fist punch) can enhance your munetsuki. and many many more. gets? ofcors sir i'm merely talking technical aspects of the art. and i'm not talking combining Aikido with other arts 'cause Aikido is already a system in itself.

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