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Kensho Furuya
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My teacher once told this story:

A traveller once stopped by an old man sitting by the side of the road and asked him, "How far to the next town?"

But the old man did not say anything and continued to stare at him blankly. The travller asked again and again but the old man seemed not to understand and remained silent without a word.

Finally, the travelled gave up in digust and began to continue onwards.

"About a half a day!" the old man suddenly cried out.

The angry traveller returned to where the old man was sitting and complained, " I asked you politely over and over but you refused to say anything, and now suddenly you shout this out. What is the matter with you?"

"Well," the old man replied, "how could I know how long it would take you until I could see the length of your step?"

Sometimes, we ask questions too prematurely. Many times we do not know the real question until we actually begin to do it for ourselves. We were in a big meeting about an upcoming project and as much as everyone asked the Bishop about this and that and what to do, he refused to say anything. Everyone became upset with him. Later, back in his private office, he told me this story and said, "How can I answer any question when I do not know the answers myself until we actually begin to throw ourselves into the work!" They really do not want my counsel or advice, only my guarantee and assurance that everything will be ok. They do not have enough confidence to get into it by themselves, too worried about profit and loss. . . . .
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