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Lan Powers
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My friend is not the most stable of men.

Hoping to find a source of stability for a somewhat "loosely based in reality" friend, I invited him to class. Hey, we are very good friends, who share many interests and enthusiasms.

I should have expected that the regimented, formalized, study would be too structured for his tastes.

It is sort of typical that the first thing that struck him is the issue of bowing to a picture. He obviously was unaware of the symbolism of respect to the memory of the founder. He felt it was religous in feel to him. (He is an atheist)

My fault in a way for not preparing him for the bowing I guess, but it seems like if not this issue, then the next to come up.

Aikido is simply not for everyone.

Frankly, I am just embarased that it was an issue for Sensei Riggs to deal with.

I have found a great love for my life, pity he hasn't.


Play nice, practice hard, but remember, this is a MARTIAL art!
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