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Re: Signs on belt

Jørgen Jakob Friis (JJF) wrote:
What's the custom in your dojo ?
JAA registered Shodokan yudansha have a belt with (at one end) one kanji before their name (in katakana), and one after.

The name varies with the individual, sometimes first, sometimes second, sometimes even their surname in katakana preceded by a romanji initial. In my case its my first name.

The meaning was actually explained to me on this forum, by PeterR, I'm sure he won't mind if I quote his post:
Well the kanji before the name means presented to and the kanji after the name means kun (affectionate title for little boys). Nariyama pays for the belt out of his own pocket. It is his present to you and means you have become his student. Before that you buy your own belt and you are the responsibility of others. Of course he teaches you but its sort of a line in the sand.
On the other end of the belt is the name of the wearer's home dojo. (Or in the case of JAA registered foreigners such as myself - "Shodokan Honbu")


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