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Hey Jim,

In answering your initial response, you know what the purpose of this forum is...

As for the answer you get, you need to understand the responses when considering who you are commenting and asking. From what I've seen here on this thread, you've accussed aikido as not being entirely effective and did not like the responses you've recieved. But consider this, you walk into a dojo of aikidokas and claim their art is weak and that their training has been foolish once they're faced with a great attacker. Do you expect them to agree? or that they'll not feel the slightest bit defensive?

I'm not saying that you asked a bad question, but rather perhaps you should take their answers for what they are, rather than being upset over the fact that the people answering have strong feelings over the topic. Perhaps they feel so strongly for a reason. If they attack back at you with any type of idea, whether its the simple "You're wrong, get lost.." or a good explanation explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the art, you should consider what they say as they may have a valid point.

Aikido is perhaps the hardest martial art to learn. The concepts are easy to understand, but quite difficult to impliment. My sensei said this. He trained in tae kwon do for nearly 2 decades, and with the same amount of time in aikido. Personally, I don't know the true effectiveness of aikido, but i know this: I once attacked him with a jo(staff) as he was demonstrating something for my partner, and the second his hand touched the jo i was helpless. I literally had a feeling of complete emptiness throughout my body, and no control over what was happening, until he had sent me flying and i could only choose between falling flat on my face or rolling to save myself. Since that day, I have had no question of aikido's effectiveness, only of whether or not anyone can learn to be as effective.

I suppose what I'm saying is that I agree with you that everyone should be more openminded (included both of us). And perhaps rather than taking the attack towards you as an attack, just take it as another idea, one contrary to your own, but nevertheless one worth consideration.


Jason Hobbs
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