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I would say that there is many different weapons systems now in aikido. One reason for this is that many of Osenseis students were never or hardly ever in Iwama. during the late 40s and through to the 60s Osensei spent alot of time Iwama studying ken and jo very deeply, because of saito senseis postion of living in Iwama all the time he was the closest to this system which is still the same system today. Osensei never really taught much weapons in Tokyo mostly he demonstrated. the only person allowed to teach his system was saito sensei. now many top shihan like chiba have there own system. which is not a bad thing.Because of this way many aikidoka belive that there is no weapons in aikdio. were as in Iwama, Osenseis words are still in there saying that aikido is 70 % buki waza /30 % taijutsu. this was how he taughht. and sensei was apparently extremly influeneced by kashima shinto ryu..sso maybe alot of teachers who missed out on the weapons felt they had to get an understanding of weapons, so studied others systems
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