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I would like to add my support to Michael Karmon's point: "It is very important to be open minded to the fact that what seems natural and obviouse to us may seem strange and sometimes offensive to other."

Having spent many years involved in inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogues, I remember innumerable cases of "a courtesy" to one group being "an offense" to another. That is the world we live in, our cosmic mat.

But perhaps for us it is not "missing the point," but at a certain level the very point of aikido. Not saying "my way is right/reasonable and your way is wrong/silly." But learning to harmonize with and respect each other at a much deeper level than outward gestures, learning to build on what we have in common, whether ki or other aspects of humanity; learning how to blend with each other to produce peace and love rather than clashing with each other to produce pain and death. Maybe this is the point of aikido.
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